Ego State demonstration. - A process workshop

A demonstration with a volunteer presenting a psychological conflict. Volunteers can contact me prior to the congress. Criteria: Ability to describe an actual conflict which has a limited impact on a certain area in your everyday life. Of ethical reasons I want the volunteer to have fairly good social and everyday functioning.

The demonstration will be illustrating clinical flexibility in the choice of ego state techniques. I am inspired by the standard EST protocols and manuals and will probably start with Watkins’ meeting room or a chair technique, but the volunteer may inspire me to start with a different adaptation of parts therapy techniques. The client’s resources, motivation and needs guide my choice of introductory techniques and how to individualize interventions during the demonstration.

Participants are recommended to take notes to prepare for the Q & A session that follows the demonstration. We will discuss my choices in order to find structures and rationales. We will summarize what you will bring to your practical competence from this WS.


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