Client-Responsive Therapy: Taking Ericksonian and Rossian approaches further to a therapy that is co-operatively co-created between therapist and client.

The therapeutic practice of Mirroring Hands originated with Ernest Rossi and his work with Erickson. Richard Hill’s recent book with Ernest Rossi goes further than ever before as it explores not only the technique, but the approach that underpins it. This approach is based on the importance of co-operation, co-regulation and co-creativity as the foundation of a successful therapeutic experience. Carl Rogers showed that the client could be central in the therapy process. Client-responsive therapy goes another step forward and brings the value and qualities of the therapist into a co-operative and creative engagement with the natural capacities and preferences of the client. What emerges is an extraordinary experience for the client, who is enabled to truly, as Erickson said in the 1960’s, discover their own most effective and response-able therapy. When the therapist steps back, the client expands into their own possibilities. We will explore how this is possible; what science underpins the process; and engage in a group demonstration of co-creating a therapeutic experience.


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